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Comité International pour le Développement et l´Etude de la Construction Tubulaire (CIDECT)

The International Committee for Research and Technical Support for Hollow Section Structures (CIDECT) is an international association of leading manufacturers of hollow sections and pipes whose objective is to expand knowledge, by means of research and studies, of steel hollow sections and their application in steel construction and engineering.

CIDECT cooperates with leading scientists, researchers and practitioners in the field of hollow section steel structures and provide consolidated knowledge to stimulate the development of design codes and guidelines worldwide.

Members of KoRoH are nominated as technical experts and scientifical partners since more than 20 years.

Competence Center

Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees and the active participation in standardization and international committees, we have been able to build up solid and extensive competences in hollow profile applications.


Engineering services

Our services include verification of stability, fatigue design, dimensioning and optimization of steel structures including offshore constructions. We carry out investigations to clarify damages and residual life and prepare damage analyzes and expert opinions.



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