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Wide-span steel structures made of high-strength steels


RFCS Project: High Strength Long Span Structures (HILONG)

The use of high strength steel (HSS) can lead to a significant reduction in the weight of a steel structure. A lighter structure requires smaller foundations, shorter transport and construction times and results in lower CO2 emissions and lower energy consumption (both directly through lower material use and indirectly during transport). Although HSS has already found extensive application in mechanical and automotive engineering, high-strength steels are not yet widely used in structural steel construction. The reason for this is mainly the higher price per ton, the limited availability or long delivery times and the higher welding requirements.

HILONG therefore pursued the following objectives:
Develop more cost effective design methods that match the specific material properties of S460 and S690
Investigation of roped-up columns and structures to increase buckling stability and reduce or limit deflection
Development of innovative U-shaped and semi-closed polygonal cross-sections for easier connection
Comparison of two designs of wide span beams, one with HSS and one with normal strength structural steel to show possible savings in weight, cost, energy and CO2 emissions
Setting up design and construction examples

Funded by the European Coal and Steel Research Fund (RFCS), the project was jointly developed by the Steel Construction Institute (England), the University of Coimbra (Portugal), the Lulea University of Technology (Sweden), the University of Birmingham (England), the Imperial College of Sience, Technology & Medicin (England), Swaeci Structures AB (Sweden), S-Squared Corporation (Australia), KoRoH GmbH, Vallourec Deutschland GmbH and Buro Happold (England).

KoRoH GmbH was involved in the project as a subcontractor and has carried out comparative calculations for long span roof girders.


High Strength Long Span Structures (HILONG), RFCS Final Report, ISSN 1831-9424 (PDF),  ISSN 1018-5593 (Printed),


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Our services include verification of stability, fatigue design, dimensioning and optimization of steel structures including offshore constructions. We carry out investigations to clarify damages and residual life and prepare damage analyzes and expert opinions.



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